fithutt asked: It made me soooo happy to see that someone actually knows what spot reducing is and that it's not possible! Thank you for knowing your stuff!

Oh I’m so glad to hear that, I just want to help the people who think that’s possible :)xx

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runningcookie asked: do you have any experiences with trx? :) :)xx

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Anonymous asked: Is Healthy eating enough to lose weight ? Do i have to do a diet ?

Yes, healthy eating is enough. Don’t follow a diet :)xx

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Anonymous asked: I do cardio 3 days a week , pilates 2 days a week , walk everyday and eat healthy Do you think it is enough to lose weight ?

Yes I think that’s good :)xx

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Anonymous asked: I look somebody's before and after pics some of them lose 1 kg in a month but i lose 1 kg in a week Is it normal ?

Yes, it depends on your start weight and much more so it’s normal to lose different amount. Your body will probably start to lose the weight quicklier in the beginning so don’t be upset if it slows down later on, that’s normal too :)xx

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Anonymous asked: Hello! :) I do my workouts from workout videos online and I usually do the same workout videos every day. When do you think I should switch up the videos? Every month?

Most people say every two weeks switch up the order. Basically whenever you feel like your body is getting used to the workout, and it is becoming more difficult to get that “sore” feeling, you need to switch it up :)xx

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Anonymous asked: How many cal can u burn standing? Specifically Like 8 hours hah

Uhm, I don’t really know but I don’t think that standing 8 hours/day straight would be good for you. I think it’s better to go for a walk for like an hour instead of just standing still :)xx

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